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Main outputs of the project:

  1. Report on the training needs of adult educators and cultural professionals;
  2. A series of methodological and guidance papers on ECHOE’s contribution to the outcomes of learning and its benefits for adult learners and educators;
  3. Workshops with local beneficiaries in all countries involved in the project;
  4. Creative traces – reports from workshops with target groups;
  5. Resource book on heritage and outdoor education;
  6. An international summer school in Romania;
  7. Final ECHOE Conference.
Summary of Needs Analysis Report
The needs analysis aimed at providing a mapping of the local context concerning heritage education and outdoor education, and at creating a profile of the local beneficiaries. The research covered 3 main objectives: 1) evaluating the degree of knowledge, know-how and interest of the target groups on issues related to heritage and outdoor education; 2) identifying the difficulties faced by the target groups in developing educational programmes for heritage and outdoor education; 3) providing information on what type of support the beneficiaries need and in what form. Regarding the methodology, partners used a qualitative approach and organized focus groups with professionals from cultural and educational organizations, representatives of public administration and also from private companies providing educational and recreational services. ... read more.