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Name: Adina Cristina Dragu
Role in the project: project coordinator
Short description: She is a certified project manager and trainer in the field of project management, public relations and adult educations. She is experienced in the design of an analysis of the training needs, the development of training curricula to support the professional development of adult educators.
Contact details: Mobile: +4-0788.905.033
Tel.: +4-021-3100815, Fax: +4-021-3100816
Str. Toamnei, nr 103, Bucharest, Romania

Name: Guy Tilkin
Role in the project: local coordinator
Short description: He is a senior staff member and European project manager within Landcommanderij Alden Biesen. Since 1993, he has been the coordinator of a series of European projects and networks in the fields of project management, use of ITC, self-evaluation and European citizenship.
Contact details: +32 (0)89 51 93 55, +32 (0)479 299724
Fax +32 (0)89 41 70 33
Landcommanderij Alden Biesen
Kasteelstraat 6, B-3740 Bilzen,Belgium

Name: Eugenia Apicella
Role in the project: local coordinator
Short description: Administrative Manager; Project Manager of several European projects conducted by the Centre within Connect, Cultura 2000 and Leornardo programmes. Responsible of the Tourism, Culture and Environment Sectors of the CMPA (public body).
Name: Fabio Pollice
Role in the project: Scientific manager
Short description:Professor of economics-political geography, urban and regional geography and human geography, Lecce University
Contact details: Villa Rufolo, 84010 RAVELLO
tel.: +39 089857669/089858101
fax: +39 089857711

Name: Mehmet Emin BAKAY
Role in the project: local coordinator
Short description: He has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Educational Management and Supervision, and he is continuing his PhD studies in Educational Management. He has been working as a branch manager within Menderes Town Education Directorate for 6 years. He is the coordinator of the Pro-school Project.
Contact details: Kasımpaşa Mah. 35440 Menderes Izmir/TURKEY
Phone:+90 232 7821477
Fax:+90 232 7821305

Name:Dagmar Kommer
Role in the project: local coordinator
Short description: She has an extensive experience in the participation in and coordination of cooperation projects in the field of education and vocational training, in the research and analysis of training needs, in scientific research and projects in various fields dealing with culture, intercultural relations, corporate culture and cultural integration.
Contact details:
Mobiltelefon: +43 6991 3208018
Telefon: +43 1 494 79 27
Fax: +43 1 494 79 27
Adresse: dkommer interkulturelle personalentwicklung
1160 Wien, Hasnerstrasse 148/3

Name:Per Halvorsen
Role in the project: local coordinator
Short description: He is a well-known adult educator, with more than 30 years of experience from a large number of national and international projects. Per organized a number of outdoor courses on various Greek islands, combining heritage sites with formalized outdoor adult education courses.
Contact details:
Mobile: +47 917 02 777
Phone: +47 62 48 13 55
Fax: +47 62 48 11 70
Adress: Tomtegata 11, 2500 Tynset, Norway

Name: Claus Zapffe
Role in the project: local coordinator
Short description: By training, Claus is an architect who, after finishing his studies, focused on running study tours and educational on-site workshops, including to a large extent outdoor teaching on heritage sites.
Contact details: ESUA - European School of Urbanism & Architecture S.C. Moderno Arkitektur & Design S.R.L. 
Strada Teleajen 27, Bucharest, Romania
Phone:(+40) 31 221 0 221