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ECHOE – Education for Heritage, Outdoor Education
November 2010 – October 2012

Work Package List and Short Description

WP1- Project Management – will comprise all the activities concerning project management: a definition at the consortium level of the project calendar, activities and outputs according to the project proposal, a definition of the internal monitoring and reporting system.

WP2 – Research on Training Needs – has the role to ensure from the beginning of the project the participation of target-groups and to identify their needs in terms of information and skills in relation to the approach proposed by the project. The research will be conducted by each partner at a regional or local level. As a general approach, the partners will look for places with possibilities to develop open air activities and also with cultural heritage, and will approach those organizations which are active in the respective regions.

WP3 – ECHOE Contribution to Learning Outcomes. The partners will explore the different dimensions that can be brought by the integration of heritage, education and outdoor education to the field of adult education. Consideration will be given to issues such as social integration and communication benefits for the adult learner, learning about the conservation of natural and cultural sites, development of key competences such as learning to learn, problem-solving and self-confidence, promotion of healthy life styles for all categories of adults, possibilities to integrate this kind of activities into programmes from the fields of vocational training and/or higher education, promotion of the awareness of sustainable development and learning about the natural and built environment.

WP4 – ECHOE for Adult Learners and Educators – will address two very important issues: which are the specific knowledge and skills that adult educators require in order to develop and conduct programmes integrating heritage and outdoor education? Which are the specific considerations for the various types of learners and what do adult educators and service providers need to know in order to be able to provide such educational programmes? The partners will develop a corpus of information, recommendations and guidelines that would respond to the questions stated above.

WP5 – Piloting the Materials – will use the materials developed as a part of WP3 and WP4. Such materials will be presented to the target groups within 2-day local workshops. The first day will be dedicated to the presentation of materials elaborated by partners, and the second day will have the format of creativity workshop, where participants will contribute with their ideas and will propose possible programmes on heritage and outdoor education, in their local contexts.

WP6 – Internal Quality Assurance – will contemplate the quality of the project management, of the collaboration and communication at the consortium level, of the involvement of target groups, of the educational outputs, as well as of the exploitation and valorisation measure of the project.

WP7 – Promotion of ECHOE – will have as its objective the presentation to the target groups of the ECHOE project – the approach, the objectives and the activities, and the awareness raising with regard to the idea of integrating heritage and outdoor education to the benefit of adult learners. The main instrument of such promotion will be the ECHOE website

WP8 – Dissemination and Exploitation – One powerful instrument for the dissemination of the project results will be the publication of a Resource Book on Heritage and Outdoor Education, which will join the results of WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5. The partners will organize one international event in the last stage of the project.